Behavior Code

The following are the norms of conduct, established by the ANA (Naturist Association of Abricó) in conjunction with the FBrN (Brazilian Naturist Federation), as a way of guaranteeing an ethical code of behavior for naturist beaches.

The following are NOT PERMITTED

I.01. -

Ostenstively sexual behavior and/or the practice of sexual or obscene acts in public areas.
I.02. -

Harassment or indecent proposals of sexual connotation.
I.03. - Agressive attitude with intent to disturb.
I.04. -

Public inebriation.
I.05. - Physical violence and/or verbal insults.
I.06. - Damage to the public image of naturism and/or damage to plants, animals or landscape.
I.07. - Photography or videorecording of naturists without their permission.
I.08. - Possession or use of illegal drugs.
I.09. - Possession or use of firearms.
I.10. -

The practice of any high-risk sport or activity that endangers the free movement of people on the beach.
I.11. - Disrespectful or discriminatory behavior toward naturists or visitors.
I.12. - Litter.

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