Naturism means being natural. The goal of naturism is to promote a more natural and healthy lifestyle, with special attention to the environment, physical and mental health, and nutrition.

At the INF (International Naturist Federation) conference in Agde, France, in 1974, the naturists in attendance, after extensive debate on the topic, defined naturism like this:

"Naturism is a lifestyle in harmony with nature, characterized by the practice of social nudity, with the intent of encouraging self-esteem, respect for others and for the environment.” próximo e pelo meio ambiente"

Social nudity is an essential characteristic of naturism because of its various beneficial effects, as much physical as psychological. 

Naturism restores the balance between physical and psychological dimensions, freeing people from the internal tensions caused by the taboos and provocations of our modern society. Every country and every naturist group has its own qualities, some more faithful to naturist principles of health, advocating vegetarianism and physical exercise, others less rigid, promoting a naturism more in line with the circumstances of modern society. The important thing is that all of them follow the same norms and share the same objective: individual and communal development and a greater proximity to nature.


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