Rio de Janeiro’s Official Naturist Beach

     Abricó beach, surrounded by a beautiful, poetic landscape, is but a little strip of sand in comparison to all of Rio’s coastline.

Perched between mountain and sea, Abricó has the characteristics of an undeveloped beach, with lots of foliage and rocks that make for a great place to relax.
Located in Grumari, right after Prainha if you’re coming from Barra de Guaratiba, Abricó was chosen by naturists for its private and peaceful location.
Abricó became legal (again) for naturists on 1 October 2003
The A.N.A. (Naturist Association of Abricó) is the organization that keeps an eye on the beach, making sure that international naturist norms are observed. The group also sponsors carefully planned activities for its associates, such as games, theme reunions, and excursions.



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ANA - Associação Naturista da Praia do abricó 2006
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